Welcome to Electroagenda

Hi folks! Today is the day. Electroagenda is online!

Our purpose is to provide technical content in the field of electronics for amateurs, students and professionals. That sounds typical but we want to do it in a different way. We are using a blogbook approach! Yes… some of you may be wondering: what the hell is that?

In a blogbook the contributions are reported in the front page, and archived like in a typical blog. But here we will also extend and order the contributions “like” in a technical book. Comprehensive and thorough. So that all the notation is consistent, and the content is indexed, linked and ordered to become your online book in electronics.

The index structures the content as if it were a book. You can read it from start to finish or just the part that interests you. In the encyclopedia, concepts are sorted alphabetically, for when you are looking for something more concrete.

The topics that we intend to cover are: general electronics, analogue electronics, digital electronics, RF & Microwaves, electrooptics, signal processing and communications. We also want to provide tools that allow you to simulate concepts.

We know it sounds ambitious… but keep tuned!