Basic Electronics

Basic Electronics (Analog, Digital, …)

Have you ever heard the word “electronics” and don’t know what it means? Do you want to learn basic electronics but all the texts you find are too cumbersome or lead you to thousands of different links? Do you think you know what electronics is but you can’t distinguish analog from digital? Have you heard buzzwords like microprocessor or FPGA and wonder what they really are? If you feel identified with any of the previous questions, we recommend that you continue reading.

To solve any of these doubts you could read Wikipedia, but to get a comprehensive and deep idea you would need to visit many links. If you want to follow that route, here I put the starting link:

Electronics in Wikipedia

But I propose that you give us a chance and read the summary of the electronics that we have written. A single document that tries to synthesize many concepts with depth and rigor but in a very concise way.

Here we present our latest contribution to this blog-book. In fact, we have prepared a text that tries to explain the most popular concepts in the field of electronics. With the current technological development and its penetration into society, it is increasingly common to find these concepts in forums, on the Internet, or simply in the store when we go to buy our brand new electronic device. But most of the time, none of these terms is really understood by the general public.

The following text explains in a basic way, but with a minimal technical content, the following concepts: analog electronics, digital electronics, hardware, firmware and software. For this, the different specialties within these fields are also introduced, such as: signal integrity, power electronics, radio frequency, circuit theory, Boolean logic, FPGAs, microcontrollers and microprocessors.

Without further ado we leave you with the text:

A Summary of Electronics

We hope you like it and it helps you to learn something or answer any questions.