International Edition: List of Technical Books

Academic books in science and engineering tend to be expensive, both for students and professionals. When it comes to buying a copy of some of the most famous books in the field, prices are much higher than those of a conventional book. This phenomenon is especially relevant in emerging countries, where book prices in local currency can be absolutely prohibitive. To solve this imbalance, an initiative was launched: the international edition of the most relevant books.

The international edition of a book is simply a cheaper edition. Obviously, the lower price has consequences on quality. And we do not mean that the cover is made of paper. In the most striking cases, with extremely cheap editions, we can find very thin pages where the ink on the other side of the face can get through. However, for each case, the user will have to assess whether the quality of the particular edition is sufficient for his purposes and the expense he is willing to assume. It may also happen that the international edition does not match the latest western edition of the book, especially if this latest edition is very modern.

It is important to emphasize that the concept of the international edition has not been without controversy. Originally, these editions were printed to be sold exclusively in emerging countries such as India or Sri Lanka. And, in fact, this is what many of these books indicate on their cover. However, due to the global economy, these editions were soon offered to the general public from online stores. If at first the sellers resided locally in the countries targeted by the edition, after some time the books can be found even in the most popular portals that serve from any country. Therefore, the problem of localization seems to be solved or, perhaps, obviated.

Whether you were already aware of the existence of the international textbook edition or not, we encourage you to read on and to always keep this post, which we will update often, in mind. The intention is twofold. First, to provide the user with a growing list of international edition books. Secondly, to provide the necessary links to compare the price of traditional and international editions. In this way, each user will be able to decide which of the two editions to choose.

And, of course, if you miss any book in this list do not hesitate to contact us so that we can update it contributing to the maintenance of the list. You can always communicate with us through the main social networks in the links you will find on this page.

The list is provided below. The table can be sorted both by author and by subject (Note that this list also serves as a bibliography for the contents of this website. In cases where the international edition does not exist or is out of print, we provide links to cheap second-hand copies instead):

Title/TítuloAuthor/AutorTopic/TemáticaUS (Amazon)International
A Student´s Guide to Maxwell EquationsFleischRF & MicrowavesLinkLink
Circuitos EléctricosNilssonElectrónicaLinkLink
Communication SystemsCarlsonSignal ProcessingLinkLink
Design, Modeling and Testing of Data ConvertersCarboneElectronicsLinkLink
Design of Analog CMOS Integrated CircuitsRazaviElectronicsLinkLink
Digital CommunicationsSklarSignal ProcessingLinkLink
Digital FundamentalsFloydElectronicsLinkLink
Digital Signal ProcessingProakisSignal ProcessingLinkLink
Digital Signal Processing with FPGAMeyer-BaeseSignal ProcessingLinkLink
Electric CircuitsNilssonElectronicsLinkLink
Electrónica de PotenciaRashidElectronicaLinkLink
Electronic PrinciplesMalvinoElectronicsLinkLink
Fiber Optic Communication Systems AgrawalElectro-OpticsLinkLink
Field and Wave ElectromagneticsChengRF & MicrowavesLinkLink
Foundations for Microwave EngineeringCollinRF & MicrowavesLinkLink
Microelectronics Circuits: Theory and ApplicationSedraElectronicsLinkLink
Microwave Circuit Design Using Linear and Nonlinear TechniquesVendelinRF & MicrowavesLinkLink
Microwave EngineeringPozarRF & MicrowavesLinkLink
Modern Control EngineeringOgataSignal ProcessingLinkLink
Power ElectronicsMohanElectronicsLinkLink
RF Circuit DesignBowickRF & MicrowavesLinkLink
Signals and SystemsOpenheimSignal ProcessingLinkLink
The Art of ElectronicsHorowitzElectronicsLinkLink
The C Programming LanguageKernighanProgrammingLinkLink
The Designer´s Guide to VHDLAshendenProgrammingLinkLink
Wave Propagation and Group VelocityBrillouinSignal ProcessingLinkLink

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