Publish your Electronic Project Online

Are you an electronics hobbyist or professional and develop your own home-made projects? Are you so proud of one of them that you would like to publish it online? Then don’t hesitate any longer. In this post we explain the steps to publish your electronic project online at Electroagenda.

First of all, keep in mind that in order to publish your project online it is not necessary that you have done something out of the ordinary. Any project that serves to teach and/or learn can be published. As you can see in our list of published projects, there are projects of all levels and for all audiences, both beginners and professionals.

Our Commitment

Once we agree to publish your electronic project online, we commit to offer the following:

  • Technical assistance to write the article.
  • Complete editing of the article to make it look great on the web.
  • Publication on the web giving full recognition to the author (linking to his reddit profile, linkedin, name, or wherever the author prefers).
  • Translation to Spanish to reach a wider audience.
  • Obviously we cover the cost of the server and keeping the article online.

Your Share

The first step to publish your project online at Electroagenda is to contact us. You can do so by writing to (gmail address), or by sending us a private message on our reddit community. After discussing the project we will decide together if we proceed to publish it or not.

Once we have decided to publish your electronic project online, you will have to send a report describing the project in detail. Ideally, the sections could be the following:

  1. Context and project description.
  2. Design strategy: trade-offs, block diagram and description.
  3. Schematics and description of how they work with simulations and measurements, if available.
  4. Overall results including measurements and/or photos and/or videos of the device working.
  5. Annex including bill of materials.
  6. Annex including design files: schematics, PCBs, gerbers, etc.

Common Commitment

And finally we ask you to keep in mind that no other platform offers the same as we do: project assistance, complete editing and publication, nor translation into other languages. That is why we ask you to grant us some exclusivity, and not to publish the full article on other platforms. Instead, when you want to share it, please link to our website.

Finally, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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